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Hello, dear friends! We got used to saying hello like that, not always remembering that the meaning of this word is not a simple greeting, but, first of all, a wish of health. So I wish you good health now! And from good health, inevitably, both mood and good spirits will be at the highest level. A wish is already half the battle, and in order not to leave the remaining 50% of the success of this event to chance, today we decided to bring you and your ears a healing gift, the most useful pill was washed down for you today.

Burn Dem Down

I think it’s not a secret for anyone that music affects us, our subconscious mind, helps to reveal feelings, tunes in a certain way. For example, if you want to sausage and have fun, then hardcore or punk will do well, and if you are planning a romantic evening, then some other easier music will do, well, you know what I mean.

And if we are talking about the healing of the human body, then the first thing that comes to mind is the sounds combined by “Jamaican audio biologists” into wonderful reggae music.


Vibrations of reggae are slow, relaxing and at the same time dense, enveloping and invigorating, improving our mood, they charge our immune systems with positive energy and smoothly take the ships of our minds out of the raging oceans of unconscious storms seething with Babylonian kraken, directing our vehicles into the endless azure lagoon full of sun and smiles.

Brother Culture vinyl

Today, dear friends, Vinila Vanila is pleased to present to your attention the disc Brother Culture – 12 Lights and the bonus single from Capleton and L’Entourloop – Burn Dem Down.

Brother Culture Capleton L'Entourloop

45 minutes of shaken but not mixed reggae dub with an umbrella from a stepp style awaits you, which will not let you get bored and drive away the blues, set you in a positive mood and give you strength.

High-quality old-school roots are skillfully polished with modern technologies and gives the impression that you are listening to something very familiar and familiar, while realizing that this album in the end is not like anything else. Along with MC Brother Culture, the famous Jamaican reggae veteran Nello B took part in the recording of this vinyl, as well as the young name on the stage – the Brazilian singer Junior Dread.

Brother Culture vinyl

And also, we present the promised bonus – a single from Capleton and L’Entourloop – Burn Dem Down🔥🔥🔥 which is already burning Babylonian youtube. The single with the remix was also carefully digitized and uploaded with Brother Culture.

Capleton и L'Entourloop – Burn Dem Down

They say that in order to heal others, you first need to heal yourself and, apparently, the quality of the healing herbs of the musicians clearly did not disappoint. Having decoded the power of nature into sound, they generously share this power with us.

Sincerely yours, Vynil Villain.

BROTHER CULTURE – 12 LIGHTS full album from vinyl + Bonus single BURN DEM DOWN on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL >>

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Burn Dem Down vinyl
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