Label: Blackened Recordings, UK, Remastered, 2016. Состояние пластинки — 🟢🟢🟢

Welcome to our regular vinyl disc ride through the sound waves of the universe. Be careful, today’s flight will pass through a continuous zone of high turbulence, shaking back and forth and clockwise, back and forth and backwards! In order to somehow compensate for this audio shaking, our experts strongly advise listeners to “throw the goat” and “head bending” as much as they can.


You will say that this is already the last century and no one does this now, but, I assure you, these two time-tested methods were used by the ancients for a reason and nothing more effective has yet been invented. With reverence and pleasant anxiety in my heart, I inform you that today the very same Metallica group took over to fly our disc!

METALLICA legal download

Yes, yes, exactly the same, and not the one that is now playing their already grown-ups, sophisticated by experience and covered with chrome-plated moss and gilded hits. Our today’s Zhelezyaka hails from distant 1984 and on board they hid their second disc Ride The Lightning, which has long become a classic of thrash metal.

METALLICA booklet vinyl

In those hairy times, James Hetfield could not yet boast of a lush mustache and beard, and Lars Ulrich looked like my imaginary sister at all (check out their pictures, they are funny), but they compensated for all the frivolity of their appearance with a powerful, raw, heavy chopper. The great Cliff Burton, who literally became the father of the album, gave out the heat on the bass, and Kirk Hammett brutally zipped on the guitar.


Let me tell you my little secret, friends – this very record, together with the first album of Zhelezyaki, turned out to be the first two audio cassettes copied from “one dude” and sent me to surf the worlds of heavy metal for a dozen years, paint all around with skulls and names of rock bands from your own jinsuhi and wallpaper of the apartment to the walls of the entrance and nearby fences to initiate everyone into the mystery of heavy metal. As, perhaps, for many others, this disc played a special role in my musical destiny, being a kind of indicator of the sound power of all the later songs heard not only by Metallica, but in general by all groups of all genres.


Those cheerful days are long over, but how the hell is it, from time to time, it is wonderful to plunge into this grinding clot of a majestic audio sinusoid again, put on a dusty leather jacket, grow haer for the evening, and shake them under a dense tube sound, spilling beer into all six all directions twisting and twisting the volume on the radio, delighting to the stupor all the neighbors and the inhabitants passing under the windows.

METALLICA – Ride The Lightning

For those who also feel warm nostalgic feelings about this album, I have great news! Vinila Vanila is arranging a simple distribution, the prize in which will be a key for downloading, I am not afraid of this word, a “legal” copy of this album.

Sincerely yours, Vynil Villain.

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