Label: Audio Cave, Poland, 2018, Состояние пластинки — 🟢🟢🟢

Namashkar to you, my friends! For those who are not familiar with namashkar – I will explain, in Southeast Asia this beautiful multifunctional word means approximately the following – dear friend, I am very glad to see you, dear of the most beautiful, my inner awareness, clean from any defilements, welcomes and bows to reverence for the deity that lives within you. Like that.


But why is it, vinyl villain, you are so dispersed in greeting, you ask me? And this is all because I am fascinated by the sounds, that the radiant floppy disk emits, that the magic of the magic country is overflowing with music. The one that I put over and over and can’t stop. The one that makes you dance even while sitting, even lying down, even if you tie me up and send me into the arms of Morpheus, then I will continue my dance in the dimension of sleep, and in reality the body will continue to wriggle rhythmically like a cobra that the snake charmer carries with him in his knapsack.

And nothing can be done, and I don’t want to, but I want to go on and on. And I change the sides of the plate again and again, and now the count of flips for a dozen has passed, and this is clearly not the limit.

Antony Gralak

What kind of record makes me so happy today, you ask? This banana leaf colored vinyl round was presented to us, surprisingly, by the Polish composer, bassist, keyboardist and trumpeter in one person Anthony Gralak in creative collaboration with Indian musicians – virtuosos of sitar, tabla and shanaya (this is such a wind instrument from the north of India ).

Together they recorded the most wonderful fusion from the classic Indian sound and drum’n’bass, jazz, electronics and even techno, more familiar in our area! The result is a very tasty musical dish with familiar notes, but with a completely new flavor, and its name is Ganga.


But enough of the terms, let this musical masala speak for itself, and I will soon join in the dance with my already dancing radio, a chandelier and other pieces of furniture, yes, the whole house is already dancing, but sitting down you won’t dance too much.

I hope that for you, my dear friends, this disc will become the same joyful discovery as it was for me, I wish you bon appetite for music.

Sincerely yours, Vynil Villain.

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