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Hello, dear friends! I hope that on this beautiful day you all have a great mood, your antennas are tuned to the positive vibrations of the cosmos, the radiols are uncovered, and the quantum dust that has settled on them is blown away to the last speck of dust. It is very important to blow away the quantum dust, because when it comes to time travel, even such trifles can make unexpected adjustments to the space-time coordinates and when you return home, you may find artifacts on your head that you do not want at all, for example, three new eyebrows randomly distributed over the eyebrows and in any case causing asymmetry, or, perhaps, a third eye.

It’s a good thing if it’s on your forehead, which justifiably gives you the status of a saint or a prophet, but think for yourself who you might be mistaken for if the third eye is found somewhere above your right ear or on your chin.

Realizing the seriousness of what is happening, I suggest you take a deep breath and blow with all your strength, removing all obstacles to a safe return home.

VIBRONICS — Woman on a mission

Our journey today will take us many millennia back, at the time when the Supreme Matriarch of our planet convened the Great Council of Mothers, in which all the great women of that time took part.

The council was convened in order to put an end to the eternal, like the universe, dispute about whether it is worth honoring the male half of humanity with additional privileges in managing the future of humanity, or leaving it as it is, walking around to stagger, but not to get in the way at hand.

Rumor has it that having given the men part of their affairs, the women simply wanted to give themselves at least a little free time to spend more time with the children, watch sunsets and sunrises, and listen to how the grass grows and all that like that, well, you know. After long deliberations, the Council decreed that men might well come out of some sort if they were given a little more responsibility.

VIBRONICS — Woman on a mission

How the peasants rejoiced at such a fabulous success – it is impossible to convey. They sang and danced, danced and jumped over the fire, hooting and grunting, puffing contentedly and snuffling at ease in their sleep for seven days in a row. But time passed, and the men, inspired by new opportunities, became proud, began to brag to each other about their position, occupation, began to sew funny suits and put themselves above others in every possible way.

This, in turn, inevitably led to the emergence of conflicts, strife and feuds. They have forgotten the old moderate way of life, they have forgotten that all the blessings that they have were awarded to them by women. From the beautiful, the kind, the eternal, they moved into the abstruse and phenomenal jungle, invented a bunch of everything necessary and not very much, and the crown of their creation was the mother of all sciences – mathematics, where everything is simple and clear, where zeroes and ones flicker in complex orders, imitating the very nature, but they cannot approach it at a distance close enough to lovingly lick her earlobe with their tongue.

This science tried to impose on everyone that 2×2 = 4, and 1 + 1 is equal to two, but this is all because mathematics answers the questions of how much, when and how much, but does not raise global questions of why and why. From the point of view of nature itself, 1 and 1 is not at all necessary 2, it can be three and one hundred and a million, or even infinity itself, because in nature 1 and 1 are not numbers at all, but living beings that fill whole worlds if add a little love. And this love from time immemorial was personified by women who gave us life and allowed us to frolic in the sun and behave like baboons.

As it was recently revealed, the English reggae / dub group Vibronics is also well aware of this story and honors the covenants of the Matriarch. Their record Woman on a Mission was released specifically for International Women’s Day in order to give praise to women all over the world, to thank them for the life and love that they give us and to introduce the world to the sound of their angelic voices.

Each of the eight tracks on this album is smelted from the original 100% Vibronix sourced by specially trained lepricons in the UK, mixed with the most flighty female vocals. In each track, a new voice sounds, and in turn, with each voice, a new track sounds, which has not sounded before anywhere except the minds of the musicians themselves (as for the latter, this is not certain).

I really want this modest gift to evoke many zillions of positive emotions from all the beautiful representatives of humanity who have heard it. Let the reggae rhythms penetrate your being and infuse every second of your life with their goodness. May your faces always remain cute. May you always stay with us, and we will try very hard not to screw up anything.

Happy holiday, dear women! Peace & Love!

Vanilla Vanilla carefully digitized this and other cool records, come in, sit down, enjoy.

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Sincerely yours, Vynil Villain.

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