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Iogann Chrysostomus Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed 18 masses during his creative career. Art critics are still arguing about the time of creation of some of them. On the disc that we listen to today, there is one of Mozart’s masses, the time of its creation is not known for certain.

At first, this mass was attributed to 1772, but now, many are inclined to consider the date of its creation in 1768, Mozart wrote it for the opening of a church in an orphanage in Vienna. Mass KV 139 is also called “Mass for an orphanage”.

And why then there are doubts about the dating of the creation of this mass? Mozart uses such bold dramatic techniques that seem unattainable for a 12-year-old boy, that is how much Mozart was at the time of writing this mass. These images seem too expressive for the works of that era. This mass was long considered lost due to errors in the catalog of Mozart’s works, which was led by his father.

Моцарт винил

Let us leave these disputes to learned men and wives and try to get at least a little imbued with the great composer’s brilliant idea.

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