Label: Columbia, EU, 2020, 3LP Состояние пластинки — 🟢🟢🟢

Welcome, dear friends! To enjoy today’s musical journey, we will need a little preparation, which, however, will not require you to lift a finger.

Let’s just leave all mundane matters for a while, reset our perception filters, get comfortable, and prepare our teleportation prisms.

And now, when you are almost there, the songs that are so familiar and dear to the heart of Pink Floyd fans begin to sound completely new. Nevertheless, the characteristic vibrations have not gone away, and every sound captures the indescribable “good old” from the distant 70s.

And here is everything. The explosive mixture of the past and the present is ready to explode and create a fair future. Of course, time sharpens the pyramids, and Roger is already well over 70, but a fighting dog can not be subdued with delicious porridge.

Roger Waters vinyl Us+Them

Sometimes it seems that Superman is not a fiction, the enthusiasm with which Roger speaks out against the injustice of this world is worthy of respect. Being a strong media personality, his words always sound significant and perhaps the villains of this world, he calls them “pigs”, feel remorse and there will be neither Us nor Them, but only We-the inhabitants of the planet Earth.

But we will not touch on politics, and in general on the topics of good and evil, we know that the game of duality does not make sense, and politics is the sub-cold love of a toad for a viper.

Roger Waters vinyl Us+Them

We are here to fill our prismatic repeaters with the sounds of the free will that dominates the universe. And pure free will always chooses love) And help us in this Roger Waters-a seasoned Human Being, the locomotive of more than one generation of free-thinking people, whose live performances are considered among the best in the history of rock music. Roger Waters, hello long summers and make us happy!

Roger Waters vinyl Us+Them

You can discuss the music and the musicians themselves for a long time, but to be honest, I can’t wait to go on this music trip with you as soon as possible, so without further ado, let’s get started. Take your teleportation prisms in your hands, let’s start!

Roger Waters vinyl Us+Them
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