wtf are you?

The First Psychedelic

We are a team of young and motivated ... SICK

Aren't you sick of corporate hypocrisy yet?

"VINILA - VANILA" - is a free online radio.
We are NOBODY, Dharma vagabonds, itinerant psychedelic monks.

Aren't you sick of labels and regalia yet?

Let's just listen to music)

During the wanderings, a huge musical experience has been accumulated. We want to share this experience with you!

We play ancient and modern psychedelic from garage rock to vagator trance. We respect the Rasta culture and honor the roots and myceliums. Within an hour we can walk from Woodstock to Bangkok and back to Ozora, with a stop through Kingston to Kathmandu. For a free mind, seven parsecs is not a detour.

There are no logic and sense, all life is like a pursuit of impressions and adventures, an eternal road on a school bus towards "FURTHUR", collecting experience along the way and turning mistakes of the way into experience.

You can say - this is nonsense, you can't mix green with square. But we are just looking for harmony in incongruous styles and this strange fusion is designed to bring interest and originality. Thus, expanding the scope of knowledge and enriching yours and our experiences, dear listeners. And in general, you are unlikely to hear such musical combinations on another radio station.

Therefore, we easily call ourselves the First Psychedelic ...

Our Features:

Fresh Music

We cooperate with independent labels. Good music, real underground!

Works on updating our music library does not stop. Now in our broadcast only a couple of percent of our collection.

Playing from Vinyl*

That is the only time when the plastic world won. Vinyl in its imperfection turned out to be more pleasant and sensual than a crystal clear and sterile digitall sound. Therefore, we play vinyl with a maximum quality of 320 kbps. There is a stream for a weak Internet.

* - not only with vinyl we are one, there are programs in originally digital format on our air. Many jewels never came out on vinyl)

Special Control

We carefully select all the music. There are rules according to which music gets on our air. You will never hear the so-called "hits of the summer, from every iron".

If we have pop music, it is only psychedelic pop, seasoned with madness and eccentricity. And it is absolutely certain that such pop music cannot be heard in mainstream irons.

© All rights reserved.

© All rights reserved.

Vinila Vanila