Label: Six Tonnes De Chair Records, France, 7", 2017. Состояние пластинки — 🟢🟢🟢

Hello dear friends!

Have the kindest day and cheerful mood! Today Vinila Vanila (on the advice of our shaman) decided to present to your attention the vinyl “Sidestep” by the Californian multi-instrumentalist Kazmir Mirbluk. Born and raised in the sunny expanses of Los Angeles,

Kazmir, of course, brought the warmth and ease inherent in Californian punk to his music, but at the same time, I personally have a vague feeling that, as a musician, he grew up on our native Civic Defense and friendly Belarusian Neuro Dyubel. How so, you ask?

Yes, it is very simple, as in the case of our Soviet-post-Soviet gangs, the words of Mirbluk’s songs from the first time cannot be put into one meaningful sentence, and the sentences – into a single text, and, nevertheless, with each listening you can draw your own new meaning picture of what is happening. That’s the beauty of it!

Kaz Mirblouk – Sidestep

In places powerful, in places melodic, his music leaves a pensive and dreamy touch, as it happens when traveling through another reality.

Of course, Kazmir still has a long way to go to a full-fledged comparison with Yegor Letov or Alexander Kullinkovich, but you always have to start somewhere, and the beginning, as I see it, is not bad.

Kaz Mirblouk – Sidestep

There are only two tracks on this 7-inch disc. Actually, Sidestep, which gave the name to this release, is a more energetic, downhole track, from the first seconds boldly hinting that the time has come to abandon all your routine affairs and how to anneal.

Well, if you do not reject the deeds, then put them in a transformational meat grinder, turn the lever immediately to the fourth speed, and with a shout of “Saaidsteeeep!” sink the trigger into the floor, getting an instant result at the output. The main thing is only to follow safety precautions and pull your fingers out of the transformational meat grinder in time.

Kaz Mirblouk – Sidestep

The second track “Paint Stains” is already smoother and more melodic. He, in turn, is well suited to put on a monocle, light a pipe and, with the air of an art connoisseur, evaluate the product of his work, separately evaluating the expressiveness of the performance and the rough strokes on the canvas.

Observing the sinusoid of balance, Kazmir Mirbluk created a short, but very holistic musical product, which, due to its ideal shape and completeness of lines, fits perfectly into the “listening on repeat” format, without annoying or forming musical corns on the inner ear. Keep it up, Kazmir, we are waiting for new achievements from you, please us again and again!

Sincerely yours, Vynil Villain.


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Kaz Mirblouk – Sidestep
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