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Today we present to your attention the album “Scarlet Fever” by the British band Green Seagull. As representatives of the psycho-baroque-rock genre, musicians not only perform music, but also pose questions to the listener, the answer to which depends largely on personal interpretation.

Green Seagull vinyl

In general, much connected with this disc is suggestive. First of all, for what reason, in general, do they have a green seagull? This is how the name of the group itself is translated. Here I will help you a little, this is rather a simple joke, a play on words and there is probably no symbolism here.

The title is taken from the Rolling Stones song “Paint it, Black” where Mick Jagger sings “No more will my green sea, go turn a deeper blue”. In general, in this song you can hear a lot of interesting things that are not really there, and about the red dog “red door”, and about the summer ravens “summer clothes”.

Green Seagull vinyl

Continuing to have fun, the musicians also gave an ambiguous name to the album. The fact is that Scarlet Fever can be translated as “scarlet fever”, and as “crimson heat”, and even as “nervous excitement for a prostitute”. I’m not even sure which of the options is more suitable, because in the second song “Scarlet”, the guys sing about the bottomless eyes of a girl of that very ancient profession that stole the dream and all the thoughts of the protagonist, who now only raves about these mirrors of the soul.

In another song, the Green Seagull asks an almost existential question – where did the girls go, thinking that the times, they say, are not the same, and time flies unidirectionally and non-stop.

Green Seagull vinyl

As you can see, the titles alone already contain themes for reflection and other mental wanderings, they set the tone for the entire disc, which turned out to be very meaningful in terms of semantic load, but at the same time does not plunge into the abyss of despair and philosophizing. 

To this music, you would rather want to dance, and not sit in a corner, but think about the frailty of life. In other words, the musicians have found a competent balance between lightness and meaningfulness, joke and seriousness, which you, I hope, will appreciate.

Green Seagull vinyl

Let this vinyl charge you with positive energy, give you a feeling of freedom and flight. Feel like that very green seagull, the bird of happiness of tomorrow 🙂

Sincerely yours, Vynil Villain.

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Green Seagull – Scarlet Fever
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