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If on a rainy Monday morning, a character from illustration 1 or 6 greets you in the mirror, congratulations, you’ve entered the twilight zone. You don’t need to rejoice, you shouldn’t panic either. Apparently your spaceship flew away without you, to the nearest hyper-hub 2 parsecs, you missed the light watch. This can happen to anyone, the main thing is to have time to detect the initial stage of decay.

Exploded view vinyl

This is followed by instructions on how to get through the twilight zone with the least losses for yourself and with minimal damage to others. I advise you to immediately make a call to the Guild of Time and pause all the affairs and events of your life for an indefinite period. If there are tokens left for another intellectual evening in a nearby bar, I advise you to take your time. Alcohol and substances are not at all advisors in this situation, but only exacerbate the state of affairs. It is better to collect food for three days, delicious tea, a sound-extractor for special music and, having bought a ticket to Inner Kodai, go there immediately. You have started the defragmentation process and you need to urgently take action.

Exploded view vinyl

Inner Kodai has a special place and each has its own, but there are several determining factors by which you can understand that you are in place.

  • A mountainous area overgrown with eucalyptus trees, mosses and lichens.
  • Permanent fog, it rains from time to time. Small hut with fireplace or stove.
  • Lack of people and other forms of especially intelligent and talkative living creatures.
  • Dogs, cats, birds and buffalo are allowed.

If you have reached the Inner Kodai in a sad state and existential anguish already exceeds 73%, then the first step is to light a fire and brew strong sweet black tea, you can use masala tea, this will help warm up and give you strength for further work on assembling a new version of yourself.

Next, you need to turn on special music that will increase your existential yearning to the maximum. We are catching up to the maximum value allowed by your biological assembly, as a rule, 77-78%, do not exceed, otherwise uncontrolled decay will follow and your mission on this hospitable planet will fail, and you will be tortured to write explanatory notes on the other side.

The melancholy was adjusted to the parameters, then we lower our own self-esteem to a minimum, approximately when the ethereal cockroaches begin to pull your pride and conceit in the corners and hide it under the baseboard.

Exploded view vinyl

Excellent! We take a couple of sips of hot tea. We throw the wood into the oven and send everything that will float up in your decaying consciousness to the same fire.

We release our inner cat Schrödinger from the box, he is still alive with you, maybe in a sad state, but alive. We solder the cat with hot sweet tea. Watch as doubts and fears begin to creep out of the cat. Just watch, do not react in any way, they are no longer dangerous to you. Take a poker in your mind and send all these wriggling balls straight into the fire of pure awareness. Doubts and fears are one of the most destructive emotions, periodic purposeful impact can destroy any consciousness and easily destroy any undertaking. But in the first place in terms of destructiveness for consciousness, of course, there is a sense of guilt, so we extract all this and burn it.

The fire of pure perception is already ready to devour everything that you no longer need, no need to carry poison in you. Do not regret, the experience is gained.

We pour ourselves some more delicious tea and watch how with each sip the parameters of melancholy and self-esteem return to normal. The music could be more encouraging (see next Friday’s release). And now you are already shining like a lunar barrel and even brighter). An uncontrollable smile pulls your cheeks to the sides and you begin to giggle and slowly sway to the beat of the music, and then you just jump up and start dancing, rocking the little hut, and as I see the whole mountain from here.

When you’re done, you are unlikely to have any more things to do that day, crawl to the side of the bed and sleep, the longer the better. Let the cat go free by itself)

Exploded view vinyl

The instructions for getting out of the Twilight Zone are coming to an end. For the next couple of days, walk more around the neighborhood, breathe in eucalyptus trees, admire the beauty around. The views from the mountains in Inner Kodai are amazing. To enhance the effect, you can carry out a cloud bathing procedure. Early in the morning, light a fire, open the door and window opposite, climb back into bed under a warm blanket and watch. The cloud will smoothly begin to creep into your room, try not to move, so as not to frighten off. Slowly and carefully, touching your face, the cloud creeps through the window and crawls across the room and flies out the door. After the performed recovery procedures, you can smoothly return to society like a cloud.

Exploded view vinyl

In order to maximize existential melancholy and show all the splinters and drifts of your consciousness, our today’s album Exploded View, with the album of the same name, Exploded View, is perfect.

A distinctive feature of this album is that it was recorded on an 8-track Tascam 388, from one take, they simply recorded everything that happened in the room, the purest improvisation and live performance. You can enjoy, yearn and grieve with taste.

I wish you to go through all your twilight zones and come out fresh and refreshed after the fiery communion and cloudy bathing in the Inner Kodai. Our Vinyl Villain is out there somewhere. Let’s wish him a quality update.

🚴‍♂️ Happy Cyclist Day and 4/20 everyone! Do not enter the twilight zones of consciousness! Safety first!

Always yours and sometimes in touch Psy-BabA

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