Label: Six Tonnes De Chair Records, France, 7", 2021. Состояние пластинки — 🟢🟢🟢

Good evening, dear friends! The long-awaited Friday has come, which means that the time has come for another musical surprise from Vinila Vanila in order to add a little color to an already beautiful day of the week, because it’s good when one Friday is not like another. Today, out of the kindness of our hearts, we have prepared for you one curious seven-inch, which is very suitable for such an event.

Warm Drag vinyl

The motto of the French label Six Tonnes De Chair Records, which released the disc, is “Better less is better” or “make little make good”, which also, you see, is well described by our little blog. Ha haha ​​hahaha! 🙂

When I found out about this motto, I was not at all surprised, because it was one of the first thoughts that came to my mind while listening. It’s nice to know that this simple wisdom still finds application in various industries, and especially in music, because music directly affects our consciousness, our mood. And our mood affects us and our perception of the world around us, and how wonderful it turns out for everyone when our mood is wonderful, how much good and creative energy is released outside, it’s incredible!

Warm Drag vinyl

There is such a huge amount of music produced these days and of such a different quality that it becomes more and more difficult to find something worthwhile. It’s like looking for a spikelet in a stack of needles – all the time you run into some rubbish, receive multiple painful injections, lose blood and drive yourself to a frenzy. But when you find something worthwhile, you jump with happiness, dance and sing, your soul is in pleasant confusion and you want to live …

Warm Drag vinyl

The second thought that came to my mind was – I would rather hear a full-length album from these guys. After all, only two songs fit on this baby. The first of them, Butch Things, is a cover of Billy Hamon’s 1978 song of the same name. Keeping the original extravagance of the song, Warm Drag refreshed it with a synthetic sound, adding acidic notes, distorted distortion and languid female vocals …

Warm Drag vinyl

The second song – Your Thunder and Your Lightning – is again a cover, now on a 1977 song by Lee Hazelwood. Slightly slowing down the pace and adding a drunken note, while also adding vigor to the performance, the musicians succeeded in a difficult undertaking – not only to refresh, but, as for me, to improve the originals. And the only minus of the record – its length is only more than six minutes, is quite simply leveled by pressing the “repeat” button in the player, allowing you to adjust the length for yourself.

Well friends, enjoy listening and have a great weekend. Let this record create a pleasant background for your pastime.

Sincerely yours, Vynil Villain.

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Warm Drag vinyl
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