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Good day, dear friends! The organ in the Vilnius State Philharmonic Hall was built by the German company “Alexander Schuke” in 1962-1963. And at that time it was the largest instrument built by this company. The organ was created in the spirit of the Orgelbewegung, in the tradition of German baroque organ building, but with some romantic additions.

The organ is placed on the stage behind the arch and thanks to the acoustic features of the hall and good acoustics, it perfectly sounds polyphonic repertoire and chamber music.

Nijole Dainiene graduated from the State Conservatory with a degree in piano. Today we will listen to works by Johann Sebastian Bach and Antonio Lucio Vivaldi performed by the talented Nijole Dainiene.

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Margers Zarins ‎– Большой Орган Рижского Домского Собора
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