Label: Sacred Bones Records, USA, 2019. Состояние пластинки — 🟢🟢🟢

Shhhh – Moon2, this is Earth, welcome! Calling the Moon2 pshshshsh … – Pshsh … pshshshshh …

– Welcome! Prieeooooom! Aaaaaaaaaa! It’s Moon Twooo!

– Moon2, what the hell is going on there? Welcome!

– Earth, you will not believe, but we have such a shhhh … such a shhhhhhhhhh …

– What’s happening? Answer! Pshsh …

Moon Duo – Stars Are The Light

– You will not believe, Earth, from the very morning we suddenly began to receive signals from all the outskirts of the galaxy! It took quite a while for our supercomputer to be able to decipher them all, we double-checked and there is no mistake here, the signal read “Stars are light”.

– … … WHAT?!! pshshsh.

– That’s not all, Earth! About half an hour ago, one after another, unidentified flying objects began to appear in the orbit of the planet. There are already about a hundred of them and they all continue to arrive.

Our scouts are reporting that some creatures are teleporting to the surface about a hundred kilometers from our base and we are waiting for more detailed news any minute.

Moon Duo – Stars Are The Light

– How could such a thing have happened? Just in time for Cosmonautics Day! This is not the first of April for you, are you over there, overeating unidentified lunar mushrooms or what? Pshshshshh!

– What mushrooms are there, Earth! We are just a little shhhh in the morning …

– What?! Are they going to attack our base or did they come in peace?

– The first report from our scouts came … It seems you can breathe out, Earth. They came in peace and, it’s hard to believe, but apparently they are going to arrange a grand party on the surface. Our scout will tell us the details, he is just in touch.

Moon Duo – Stars Are The Light

Hello Earth! Happy Cosmonautics Day to everyone! Psh… pssshhh…

I was able to telepathically communicate with one of the aliens, by the way, he was wearing a funny T-shirt with Yuri Gagarin riding the rocket, for which he has a special respect, and so he devoted me to the details of what was happening.

They have already set up the stage and are connecting the equipment, and now they are assembling a multi-kilometer lens so that at midnight everyone can fall together under it on soft bags and admire the Earth to music.

Moon Duo – Stars Are The Light

The fact is that today from the moon it will be possible to observe Mount Kailash, which will shine with rainbow rays exactly at midnight, reflecting the light of distant stars and the spectacle promises to be delightful! Hundreds of thousands of colorful freaks from all over the universe gather on Moon2 once every hundred years to watch this spectacle and then tell their children and grandchildren about it for many years, so that they will remember and fly here again a century later and enjoy this beauty.

Moon Duo – Stars Are The Light

What wonderful guys these aliens are! Knowing that the human ear will not be able to perceive the frequencies at which their music will sound, they specially recorded all the main tracks on the disc for us and brought us to please. How happy that this is just vinyl, the warmest and softest sound possible!

Now I will send you a digital copy, Earthlings! Let’s celebrate Cosmonautics Day together while enjoying this space music! An alien in a T-shirt with Gagarin just told me that all the preparations for the fun have been completed. Let’s not postpone the inevitable. Let’s Go! POEHALI!

Your Space Scout, Vynil Villain.

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Moon Duo – Stars Are The Light
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