Label: Guruguru Brain, Japan, LP, 2018. Состояние пластинки — 🟢🟢🟢

And again I say hello to you, dear friends! The time has come for our next journey through the endless expanses of the immense audio universe. Today we will again go to the galaxy of psychedelic rock, inhabited by wonderful, sometimes pensive, often reckless, but always focused on exploring the possibilities of human consciousness, beings.

Recognizable for its guitar riffs, drum solos and swaying rhythms, melodic and at the same time carrying a powerful energy impulse, psychedelic rock is deservedly loved by many music connoisseurs and from year to year unites musicians into new bands to give us something fresh and beautiful. which will once again surprise us, the listeners, and give joyful moments of musical euphoria.

Kikagaku Moyo vinyl

High-quality psychedelic rock always opens something new in the listener, brings something fresh and unexpected to its sound. And imagine that the musicians themselves who play this rock come from some exotic country, so in general it is time to prepare for the unexpected.

Our guests today come from just such a country. Japan, for a long time closed from prying eyes, did not allow strangers to visit and for centuries has formed its unique culture is fundamentally different from all others, into which cultural layer you try not to penetrate. Whether it’s local cuisine, art or attitude towards life in general and each of its elements in particular – everything distinguishes this nation from the rest of the world. Every schoolchild now easily recognizes a samurai or ninja on the street, and it will take at least some time to imagine a person who has never tasted Japanese sushi.

Kikagaku Moyo vinyl

Having absorbed many cultural and technical phenomena from all over the world, the country, nevertheless, has not lost its identity, continues to saturate the planet with its vision, giving people such a valuable diversity.

The album Masana Temples by the Tokyo group Kikagaku Moyo is the bright spirit of the international psychedelic, which the musicians have imbued during their travels around the world and wrapped it in a blanket of wonderful patterns from the land of the rising sun. The fact that, in addition to the usual instruments, the musicians also used the magic Indian sitar for recording, again brings to mind how the Japanese are successfully integrating the culture of other countries into their work.

Kikagaku Moyo vinyl

In general, the disc turned out to be quite decent and will be extremely useful if you want to diversify your musical routine a little and stir your auditory nerve. So, meet this slightly freaky and rather mysterious vinyl guest from a neighboring, but so distant country.

Sincerely yours, Vynil Villain.

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Kikagaku Moyo – Masana Temples
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