Label: Mega Dodo, UK, 2018. Состояние пластинки — 🟢🟢🟢

Welcome dear friends! It’s time for you and me to once again go on a journey through the radio waves of the universe. Filigree raking liquefied sound with vinyl fins, redirecting it into your delicate sonars, enjoying the wonders of unknown worlds. Shoals of electro-red mullet sweep past us, and enchanted by the glittering of each scale separately and the harmonious flicker emanating from the entire school, we plunge into the abyss of the sea.

US & THEM vinyl

Descending to the depths, we meet more and more new creatures. You will only have a look at these wonderful curious neons diving among the algae. The light that they reflect sparkles with iridescent rays of childish carelessness, evokes serenity and pulls you into the fabulous world of the sea kingdom. But a baby squid rushed past, releasing an ink cloud, painting the underwater sky with fireworks of psychedelic pink clouds.

We descend deeper and deeper to where the sunlight almost does not seep and meet more and more outlandish creatures, glowing jellyfish, strange prehistoric fish and funny arthropods.

Light that has remained so unstable and heterogeneous, it seems to consist of all these smallest reflections, with which fish of all colors and sizes delight us. The silence is diluted only by the echoes of the surge of waves from the surface, and the gurgling sound of bursting oxygen bubbles released by the locals.

US & THEM vinyl

But wait, what’s that glow down there? Let’s swim a little closer and check. Wow, this is a whopper! A giant shell rests at the bottom in complete serenity, only occasionally releasing jets of water, lifting silvery sand from the bottom, falling in a sparkling rain back to the bottom, attracting our attention. It seems to me that some vibrations are emanating from the bowels of the mollusk …

US & THEM vinyl

Having swum to the distance of an outstretched hand, the sounds become more and more distinct. So melodic, charming, what is it? And as soon as this thought flashed through my head, the shell opened and inside I found an ancient gramophone covered with mud. Judging by his appearance, he has been here for a very long time, a hundred years or so, no less. I wonder how he got here? And what kind of blue disc is spinning on it, making these magical sounds?

Unfortunately, the record has been spinning for so long that the text of the title is practically unreadable, it is worn out on the water, but luckily for us, the fish-guitar that sailed past heard my thoughts and decided to help by digging an envelope from the record in the sand nearby.

US & THEM – On Shipless Ocean

My friends, Vinila Vanila, together with the inhabitants of the seven seas, presents to your attention the plate “On Shipless Ocean” group Us And Them.

The calmness and serenity of the ocean depths, unearthly beauty and ringing melodiousness of their music suggest the elven roots of the members of this group, will help you to wake up pleasantly or sound asleep, or even encourage you to listen to the record on repeat all night long and become like a giant clam, which does not know worries and dissolving in the waves of eternity looks at the stars through the water column with his tiny eyes, comprehending the beauty of infinity.

Enjoy your listening.

Sincerely yours, Vynil Villain.

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US & THEM vinyl
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